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3 weeks ago

Short Sales: Banks Blocking Way Out Of Foreclosure Crisis

Brett Ellis, a real estate agent in Fort Myers, Fla., was thrilled when he got an offer for a property in Bell Tower Park in May 2008.

"It was a gorgeous property on the corner lot," Ellis told the Huffington Post. The owner, who had lost his job, wanted to sell the apartment for a loss rather than go into foreclosure, a strategy known as a short sale.

The offer was for $350,000, and Ellis, who is a certified distressed property expert trained in executing such sales, knew it was as good an offer as he was going to get in this market. He immediately sent the paperwork into the bank.

He waited for four months. The bank finally told him it wouldn't take anything less tha

3 weeks ago

Buying Property for a Church Tips

Selecting land for a new church is not an easy task. It is also something that most people may do but once in their lifetime. Each church building project is unique, but there are some fairly universal considerations. Therefore, this article is designed to get you thinking about the issues around selecting a church property that will be the best

3 weeks ago

Predictions for the 2016 housing market | Reuters

Is this going to be your year to buy a new home?

No housing expert has a crystal ball, but Svenja Gudell, recently appointed chief economist for the housing site, has looked at enough data to make a pretty good guess.

She examines vast amounts of housing market statistics - everything from about where people are going to want to live to what areas will be hot to what the future could hold for renters - on a daily basis.

Reuters asked Gudell to share her insights on what she thinks the 2016 housing market will be like.

Q: What markets do you think will be places to watch in 2016?

A: Next year, the combination of unemployment, population growth

1 month ago

China tightens loophole on hiring temporary workers | Reuters

BEIJING China amended its labor law on Friday to ensure that workers hired through contracting agents are offered the same conditions as full employees, a move meant to tighten a loophole used by many employers to maintain flexible staffing.

Contracting agencies have taken off since China implemented the Labor Contract Law in 2008, which stipulates employers must employment agencies near me pay workers' health insurance and social security benefits and makes firing very difficult.

"Hiring via labor contracting agents should be arranged only for temporary, supplementary and backup jobs," the amendment reads, according to the Xinhua news agency. It takes effect on July 1, 2013.

Contracted laborers now make up about a third of the online employment agencies workforce at many Chinese and multinational factories, and in some cases account for well over half.

Some foreign representative offices, all news bureaus and most embassies are required to hire Chinese staff through employment agencies, rather than directly.

Under the amendment, "temporary" refers to durations of under six months, while supplementary workers would replace staff who are on maternity or vacation leave, Kan He, vice chairman of the legislative affairs commission of the National People's Congress standing committee, said at a press conference to introduce the legislation.

The main point is that contracting through agencies should not become the main channel for employment, he said, acknowledging that the definition of backup might differ by industry.

"In order to prevent abuse, the regulations control the total numbers and the proportion of workers that can be contracted through agencies and companies cannot expand either number or proportion at whim," Kan said.

"The majority of workers at a company should be under regular labor contracts."

Although in theory contracted or dispatch workers are paid the same, with benefits supplied by the agencies who are legally their direct employers, in practice many contracted workers, especially in manufacturing industries and state-owned enterprises, do not enjoy benefits and are paid less.

Employment agencies have been set up by local governments and even by companies themselves to keep an arms-length relationship with workers. Workers who are underpaid, fired or suffer injury often find it very difficult to pursue compensation through agencies.

China would increase inspections for violations, Kan said, including the practice of chopping a longer contract into several contracts of shorter duration to maintain the appearance of "temporary" work.

Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. said in November that it would require its 249 supplier factories in China to cap the number of temporary or contracted workers at 30 percent of regular full-time employees.

It announced the corrective measure after Chinese labor activists reported violations of overtime rules and working conditions as well as under-age workers at Samsung suppliers. Samsung says its own audit did not find workers under China's legal working age of 16.

(Reporting by Lucy Hornby; Editing by Nick Macfie)

2 months ago

Custom Furniture | Hand Made Furniture | Ryan Christie

Ryan Christie Custom Furniture produces custom hand made furniture out of a variety of new and reclaimed timber with lots of personality.

Out of the heart of Johannesburg, the master pieces that leave the warehouse are all hand crafted by a 4 man team lead by Ryan Christie himself, along with a master craftsman - Heinz from Austria, who has been in the industry for over 50 years.

It's not just about selling furniture, but rather about creating the designs, and concepts that you have for your home or office that will enhance the living space, and give it that signature style of comfort, class and enhance the relaxed lifestyle of your space. We offer our customers the ability to customise all of our styles to fit their specifications and go one step further by using aged wood pieces to create new and amazing products.

Contact UsThe preferred choice for custom hand crafted furniture

Where quality & service meet design & functionality.

2 months ago

Choosing Home Furniture for All Types of Rooms by Chris Lontok

The furniture in our house makes up a lot of our home's entire look. The pieces we choose for our home furniture sets the tone of the room and indicate what activities are done in that specific area of the house. For example, you wouldn't get a convertible sofa bed for office furniture, nor would you choose hard and gloom-looking pieces for a kid's furniture. You also would avoid using large pieces of furniture for a small and cramped room.

Selecting versatile and multifunctional home furniture is a practical and economic way to make your house look well put-together. You just have to know what pieces to get from the furniture store.

2 months ago

The Fuse wireless earbuds can be charged in wearable cases

The Fuse wireless earbuds can be charged in wearable cases - The Verge

The most common thing people ask me when I use, review, or even talk about wireless earbuds is that they're afraid to lose them. It's a problem that Bay Area startup Ashley Chloe is trying to solve in a pretty novel way with the $199 Fuse wireless earbuds, which we just took a look at here at CES 2017. These tiny ceramic buds magnetically snap into a cylindrical adapter that can fit into four different kinds of charging cases -- including two you can wear.

Customers will be able to pick from a basic squarish charging case or a desktop dock, but the more interesting options are the bracelet or pendant necklace designs. Each case offer multiple extra charges on top of the Fuse's four hour battery life, and just 15 minutes dui first offense jail time of charging will add an hour's worth of battery back to the earbuds.

Grid ViewThe earbuds have touch-sensitive controls for things like play / pause, and activating Siri or Google Assistant. Ashley Chloe reps also said that the accompanying app will let users tweak specific frequencies to their liking.

The Fuse earbuds will be available near the end of 2017, but it's worth noting that the Kickstarter page for Ashley Chloe's first product -- wired earbuds that fit into a wrist-worn charging case -- is riddled with comments about shipping delays. That's not much of a surprise. If the last few years' worth of attempts at making wireless earbuds are any indication, it's questions to ask your dui lawyer that cramming powerful wireless features into such a small form factor is a major struggle. Reducing the risk of losing wireless earbuds is always welcome idea, though, and Ashley Chloe has proposed a clever solution to the problem. Here's hoping the dui california competition is watching.